Thursday, July 1, 2010

Home, Sweet, Home

Or so I wish.

Hubs and I have been talking about where we want live, raise our Grace-Dog, and settle down for a little while. We know we like our little college town that we call home now but after you graduate college and all of your friends move away, your fun college town really isn't all that fun anymore. It seems that you keep getting older while the rest of the town keeps getting younger. Definitely not somewhere or something we want to live in for the rest of our lives.

I love collecting ideas for my one day potential home. Naturally, Southern Charm always tends to be a classic favorite and reoccurring theme with in my collections. I just now need to find the perfect Southern home in the perfect little Southern town to lay my roots with my small little family.

After our little mini-vaca stay with Jena and her Hubby this past weekend, Hubs and I finally agreed on a place to one day, soon, reside. Coastal Georgia area. Finding a potential place to reside has always been a slight struggle for Hubs and I, we always agreed on a place to live but one of us always ended up giving in to the other. Coastal area was a no brainier yes for both, no questions asked.

While researching the potential idea of moving within the next year to the Coastal Georgia area Hubs found my perfect little dream house.

This house comes with old Southern Coastal charm but newly renovated. It is 3 bedroom and 2 baths and complete with an upstairs loft area, hardwood floors, and granite counter tops. It is a little piece of my Heaven.

See loft...

How perfect is this? And did I mention the fenced in back year for Grace-Dog. Just perfect for our little family. And my dream home ideas would fit perfectly within this house.

How about this bedroom from Pottery Barn?

Or how would this office space look in the upstairs loft area? Also from Pottery Barn.

And with the loft used as an office it allows Hubs and I to have both a guest room and one day a child's room without sacrificing our office space. And with a teacher and a striving professional photographer office space to spread out is very important to us both. We try to keep clutter to a minimal. And how cute is the baby room? Complete with monogramming and a grown-up feel. Source unknown.

Oh, just keep wishing. Hopefully within the next year this, or something like it, will belong to Hubs and I.



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