Tuesday, July 6, 2010

No to Children, Yes to Furbabies!

Why is it that our four legged fur-babies are not allowed into public places but grummy, germ filled children are allowed to venture wherever they please? Think about it; children have runny noses, don't always wash their hands after using the potty, and touch everything in sight. They are allowed to run around stores unsupervised, pulling things off the shelves, and pester other patrons. At least with your fur-baby they are either on a leash or in a bag. Their paws are always on the floor and can never go unsupervised due to being tethered to their owner. Also, most times pet owners are more responsible and aware of their four legged child then parents of human children. Most parents have no concept of restraining their child into the shopping cart, holding their hand, or monitoring their movements. At least if Grace-Dog takes an adventure with me she pottys only on the grass outside of the establishment, she is attached to me via a 4 foot leash, and fears anyone who comes within a 2 foot radius of her.

I mean come on, when you go into Wal-Mart how many times have you seen something like this?

At least Grace-Dog knows how to walk on her leash!

All photos from People Of Wal-Mart.com

How can you tell a dog like Grace they can't travel in public? She's so well behaved, as are all of her four-legged friends. If nothing else we are a generation of responsible pet owners and hopefully that will transfer into our parenting one day.

She's definitely a part of the family.

So responsible pet owners let's start seeing less of these signs...

and more of these signs!



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