Monday, August 30, 2010

Keep your dirty laundry in your house

As a young Southern Belle my father set great examples and gave tons of words to live by. The most important things that I learned was to never talk Politics, Football, or Religion, your money is your private matter, and family drama is kept well, within the family. Growing older I have taken these key life points with me and have found them to be very valuable over my lifetime. However, there must be some people out there who do not understand the rules of Southern life. I encounter people on a daily basis who will spill their business all over the place. And now I know what you are saying, "But Southerners are known for gossiping, this is blasyphmy." No! There is a clear difference between petty front porch stories and airing out your dirty laundry throughout the town. Front porch stories may or may not be true and are just casual fun and chit chat. Airing your laundry just confirms what everyone is already talking about.

Personally for me, I do not want to hear your business. I don't care how much money is in your banking account, that your husband is coming home drunk at 3 a.m. while you are preggers, or that you feel entitled to because of your political vote. It makes me uncomfortable. It makes me uncomfortable to know those things about you because I don't know how to respond without coming across as rude and I am not going to share that type of information with you if that is what you are digging for. I mean do you want me to feel sorry for you? Or offer my assistance? And you are not close enough to me to be looking for advice. So other than to make others around you uncomfortable, what is your point in sharing those types of things?

So please, oh please! Keep your personal life personal and things will go much easier.




  1. i've decided you should write a book! :)

  2. you've received an award!