Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wedding Season

I always thought that wedding season was in early Spring and Summer? Who decided that wedding season should also be football season? Hubs and I have only 2, yes, TWO free weekends from now until Thanksgiving. Why? Football season tickets and weddings! I am, however, thankful this year that NO weddings and football games have crossed. This is the first time in 3 years this has not happened. Now we don't have to feel guilty about keeping up with the score while attempting to enjoy a wedding where honestly, you want to know more about the game then the actual wedding itself. Oh the life of a Southern Belle, what a multi-tasker we are.

But since this past week wedding invitations have just been rolling in I've been thinking alot about what to wear. After scooping out Piperlime.com I must say I have put together pretty nice outfits. One formal, one semi-formal, and one a little more casual. And all from Piperlime. It's like a little one stop shop. I really enjoy purchasing clothing and accessories from them.

The first outfit is my formal attire. This is an outfit I am looking to wear to my friends more formal, sit down dinner reception at a nice venue on the island. Classic and classy.

This dress is around $250 and by Susana Monaco, while the shoes are a classic favorite Nine West on sale for around $50. The earrings are Tuleste Market and were found for $50 also. And the handbag which also comes with a little shoulder strap is by Street Level for $60. Making this little outfit $410

This is an outfit I plan on wearing to Hubs' Cousin wedding. It is a traditional Church wedding with a pasta bar and light dancing. It's a very classic and modest look. But still shows some trendy styles to keep up with Hubs' over trendy family.

This dress is also by Susana Monaco but is priced a little higher then the first dress at $275. This clutch is also by Street Level and for $60 also. And of course you can never go wrong with Nine West shoes retailing for $90. Haha, are we seeing a trend? I did stray from my favorite designers and choose a Kenneth Cole necklace for $80. And I also went with a Juciy ring on sale for $60. So this outfit totals out at $565.

The last wedding we have, so far, this fall is a backyard BBQ that is going to be laid back and a pretty big party with lots of old college friends.

This dress is a Tucker dress. YAY, variety. It is the most expensive of the three with a price tag of $325. But again, the shoes are Nine West for $70. The 2 necklaces are both from Hive and Honey both were purchased for $80. The handbag is a Piperlime Exclusive Pink Studio and was on sale for $70. This perfect little outfit ends out at $545.

Hopefully since I have all this new stuff to wear it will make wedding season fly by.



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