Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I have been obsessing over the Hunter Wellies, or as we Southerns know them, rain boots. See said wellies...

Ladies up north wear these boots daily in the snow and cold weather but here in the south it does not always become as cold as I would like, especially for such a purchase as wellies. However, after searching for the perfect fall/winter boots I have not been able to knock the Hunter Wellies out of first place. After discussing my purchase with the ladies in my office, since they are rainboots not fashion boots, I decided to evaluate how and where I would wear my wellies and this is what I was able to come up with. All outfits are composed with upcoming fashions from Gap, Bananna Repubilc, Piperlime, and J.Crew with a few pieces from Cabela's.

I could wear my wellies for a day-time work outfit.

Then I could go for a hot date outfit to go out on the town with Hubs.

And then, I could pair them with skinny jeans for a walk with the pups, football tailgates, or a quick trip to town.

What a versital buy? I can't wait to get mine in.



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