Thursday, October 21, 2010

House Hunters: Again

So the not so little fixer upper Hubs and I found is in contract but we did a little more investigating and found that it was about $50,000 more dollars worth of work than we wanted. But we did find a real estate agent that we want to work with who has provided Hubs and I with a few options and is looking for us our perfect house.

Hubs and I have created a timeline and are excited to follow it. We will be meeting with Mr. Real Estate man to discuss steps we need to take, to look at areas we might like, and to realestically way all of our options. In January, we will be taking all steps to begin pursing a home. And hopefully by May we will be first time home owners.

I have been researching, reading, and seeking every important piece of information that could possibly help us. Hubs and I want to make sure that we are taking every perfect possible to make the best finicial decision that we can. Call me nurrotic, I know this.

So dear readers, again, Hubs and I will be House Hunters: Brunswick addition.



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