Monday, February 7, 2011

Dream a dream, forget and move on

The past few nights I have been alternating crazy dreams between two of my OLD b/f's, like High School b/f's.

One of my ex's B, was my high school sweetheart. He is now married to some chick and has a son with another kid on the way. I've only seen B a few times since we ended things in 2004 and most of those times were here and there at my Alma Mater's high school football games and local restaurants. Last year I was brought up in some hometown drama that I politely decided to not comment on since I was and still am 3 hours away. Other than a few small "Hello's" and "Good-byes" and an intent to fulfill the Moultrie tree of drama I have stayed very far away from B since the break-up. I will admit that the break-up was a lot harder for him than it was me but I think he knew it was coming because we both did a very good job of ending the relationship clean.

I don't have a picture of B and I. We dated right before I got my first digital camera.

The second ex I've been having crazy dreams about is J. He was the bad boy while I was the good girl. We dated on and off in high school until B and I became serious where we completely ended things and lost connection. After 2 years in college, J and I rekindled our relationship which lead to a drunken night of me calling him and asking him if I moved home would he marry me. (Ps; LONG story but short lived part in my life). J was never someone I wanted or saw a future with. He was more of a "Country Boy", he started bar fights, had less than desirable friends, and never intended to let those things go. J was just what this perfect little Southern Belle needed at the time, a let loose spirit and he would be a perfect Country Man for someone but this Southern Belle was not it.

Me and J celebrating his 21st birthday

In my dreams I have actually met J's fling of the week, which is probably because the lady in my dream can change just like in real life. In my dreams I have been helping J's lady find him, solve problems, and just overall being a friend.

My dreams with B are much more complicated. I never meet B's wife but she is constantly being referred to. The first night I dreamt of B, I dreamed he approached me and professed his undying love for me and even tried to kiss me even though both he and I were married. The second dream B graced my presence in he tried again to silicate my love and again his wife was talked about. I have never seen or met his wife which probably because I have done the neither in real life.

I'm not sure why I dream about either past fling when I don't dream about any of the other hundreds. My only guess is that outside of Hubs these are the only other guys I ever really cared about. My college years were spent chasing Hubs with a few hoo-rahs here and there and we all see how that worked out!! :)

I don't know a lot about dreams and I don't know if all of the people involved in my dreams are sharing my dreams with me but I do know one thing, I WISH THEY WOULD STOP!! They're causing me to loose my beauty sleep.




  1. Its the bestie here...EM
    And let me just say OMG i dreamt(sp) about you two was kinda crazy! I did that for a while when i was really stressed out? It was all my "didnt" matter boyfriends from HS...guess we all knew where there ended up too! hoping you get some beauty sleep soon! :) LOVE!!!

  2. and for the record that is an AMAZING picture of you...!! AND is this Remerton boy from mellow? OMG IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!