Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fall apart, Come together

So it is no secret that Hubs and I are making large life changes. I'm scared, anxious, excited, worried all rolled into one. But I also know that as easily as things feel apart they will fall back together.

I have applied for at least 30 jobs this week. Some I am over qualified for, some I am just qualified for, and others I am under qualified for. I feel like I'm graduating college all over again. I just hope it doesn't take me 5 months to find a job again. Good news is I have a job interview! I'm very excited about it. I would be a photographer with Lifetouch. Yes, the company who shot all of your yearbook, prom, homecoming, Senior, graduation, and church pictures. But this job will require lots of travel, new faces daily, walking and interacting, and little to no desk work. How exciting? After 2 years of being glued to a desk I can't wait for a change. I'm praying for good news with this interview.

Hubs and I have found a perfect little condo on Tybee Island! About 3 miles from the beach, 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath, washer/dryer, backyard and fenced in. It is perfect. I was a little sticker shocked at first but after talking it over with my Mommy and Daddy and Hubs I feel comfortable with our decision. We are scheduling a meeting to view the condo and hoping for good things this week. By May 1st we could be moving into a new condo. It is going to be a HUGE downsize for us by about 600 sq feet but I am excited about having less house to clean. I'm also looking forward to a fenced in backyard as I'm sure Grace-Dog and Beau Beau will also. No more being couped up on nice sunny days.

These last few weeks and past hurdles have been stressful but humbling at the same time. God has reminded me that no matter how big or small the problem He always provides a solution. I've been praying for God to lead me into the right path, to bless our lives, and to help us make the right decisions for our present and future. I feel at peace with all of the decisions that Hubs and I have made so far. I feel as though as easily as my life fell apart, my new life has come together. I feel very blessed to have a loving, supportive Hubs, a understanding boss/friend, and parents with wonderful advice. I cannot wait to see what other blessing God has in store for Hubs and I. Life is always such an adventure.



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