Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Go with what Gad hands you

Wow oh Wow! Life has been C-R-A-Z-Y for Hubs and I.

2 weeks ago, Bestie told me she was leaving her position and moving to the ATL and asked for me to apply for her position. I said yes, of course, and did so. I should be hearing back from them in the next few days.

Last Monday, I backed into some guy at my office. And have been dealing with getting it taken care of. What an idiot I felt like. But he's been super nice about it and understands that things happen.

On Friday, Hubs and I received a letter from my landlady "reminding" us that we had to move from the condo in June. This was shocking to us because of previous conversations we had with landlady.

This Friday is one of my co-workers last day, leaving just myself and boss in the office together. This should be interesting because at any given time we can all be on the phone and have calls waiting. It's a HUGE downsize.

Speaking of downsizing, my office will soon no longer be available to me forcing me to find new employment or hoping my CEO finds a new job for me to do. I'm thinking I am going to have to go with option A but hopefully this will not happen until May as predicted or at all for that matter. I would like to leave my position on my own accord not because I have too.

Today I found out some very heartbreaking but strenghtening news today from a dear friend. She is such a strong soul and has carried such a positive mentality throughout everything.

With everything going on in life and none of it I can control I feel very much like God is punting me out of the nest and forcing me to fly.

As of now, Hubs and I have no clue where we will be living after June. I have no idea where I will be employed. Hubs doesn't know where he will be teaching. They only thing I do know it that Hubs and I have plans for each scenario and are planning to take each step or leap as it comes. This is very conformation. I am ready for a change as I have been in the comfort for way to long but a whole bunch of change at once makes this belle nervous.

But God has blessed Hubs and I this far and I know that he will continue too. He has always provided for everything and we have held stead fast. Continious prayer and open minds is all we can offer. I know God will take us where we need to go and he is not going to let us fall. Just let go and let God.

Let go and let God.

Let go and let God.

Let God!



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  1. TRUE STORY!!! i love you my friend...ALWAYS here if you need me. But we both know, you have more optimisim in your Big toe than i do in my WHOlE body:)