Sunday, April 10, 2011

Perfect Staycation!!

I've thought long and hard about my perfect staycation and I literally went through every scenario. I first thought of a Spa Day but I don't go to the spa now why in the world would I want to have a Home Spa Day. Then I thought a picnic lunch might be fun but arts and sandwiches just did not appeal to me. How about a baking day? But I'm trying to cut back on sweets and get ready for the beach this summer so I vetoed that idea. So I came back to my original idea.


Every summer Hubs and I spend every weekend at the beach with our besties soaking up the rays and drinking until our little hearts are content. But it's not quite beach time yet and I am itching to get out in the sand, waves, and sun.

This is how our group rolls:

Tent, chairs, coolers, people and 3 dogs deep. Ohh summertime please come soon!

So until beach time rolls around I can dream about sand filled days with my staycation at the pool.

My staycation consists of a few of my favorite things!

Beach towels and plenty of them. When you take as many people to the beach as we do you always need any extra towel, and don't forget the dogs, they need one too! Plus you don't want to lay on a wet towel. Icky!

Fashion is just as important on the beach as off the beach. So a stylish but functional bathing suit is an always necessary. Coverage is always good! You don't want to be that girl showing all the goods to the boys. Leave a little for the imagation please.

With someone who has sensitive skin Neutrogenia is the perfect Sunscreen. I usually like a SPF 15. It offers a good coverage without blocking a great tan.

And you always have to have a good cold beverage on the beach. Bestie Jena and I usually choose something fruit with Malibu.

And while spending hours soaking up the sun it offers the perfect time to catch up on all the reading material you missed during the winter. Water for Elephants has been one of my favorite reads.

Beach bags packed, now time for my staycation.

Staycation until beach bound!



  1. Hi Sarah! I am a new follower from ATLYankeeBelle's blog and am also participating in the Staycation swap. You are so lucky to be so close to the beach!! My husband and I really want to move down to FL (but wouldn't have jobs or a home if we did haha). Can't wait to see if we're swap partners!


  2. Thanks so much for commenting over on my blog. I just saw it and came to check out yours! Yay!

    I'm participating in the Staycation Swat too. Pretty excited about it!

    : )