Sunday, June 26, 2011

Great Day

So, Thursday was a great day.

My job interview went amazingly well and they want me to call them on Monday to accept or deny the position. Of course! I am ACCEPTING the position. It is going to be an awesome experience and I can't wait to get started.

We put an offer in on a second home. I like it, Hub's loves it, so it's a winner. They did counter our offer! YAY!! That means at least we are a contender and they know we are serious about the house. We are waiting until tomorrow to hear from them about our offer. Hoping for an acceptance or a counter. Either I'd be happy with. I'm just ready to get this boat floating.

The boys moved most of my condo this weekend. It's very weird after 2 years of living somewhere having just the bare essentials in it. Bed, TV, Playstation... that about sums up my condo furnishing right now.

My Best Bestie celebrated her 25th birthday this weekend. 25 is going to be a new start for her and I'm so excited to see where her journey takes her in life.

Goodwill has a whole ton of new stuff that I have donated. If you need kitchen supplies, clothing, furniture, pictures, or randomness PLEASE visit the Statesboro Goodwill. I dumped multiple trips worth of goodies there.

I'm excited about our move. A new town, a new life, new friends, new house. But I am NOT excited about living with my In-laws for a month. My brother in law (AKA MOOCH) still lives at home and his philosophy on life is, "If it is in the house, it's his to have". Which makes me NERVOUS about all of my life being stored in the garage. Boxed or not I wouldn't put it past him to stake claim to anything he desires. I have already warned Hubs, the first time he touches a box I'm going to kill him. This also applies to food, clothing, and toiletries... none of which I like to share. This is going to make life difficult for Hubs and I because of our shopping habits. We are very fresh and natural. And we are very set in our ways with the type of food that we buy. So needless to say grocrey shopping is going to be different. Also, Mother-in-law likes to cook FULL meals including a made-from-scratch-home-made dessert for both lunch and dinner and she even cooks breakfast. Hubs and I are more cereal, sandwiches, and meat and sides kinda of people. We don't need a whole bunch to keep us happy. Let's just say that Mother-in-law is a 85 year old woman trapped inside a 45 year old womans body. AND!!! Grace-dog is NOT allowed in the house. Which means for a whole entire month she has to live outside. She is going to HATE me and never want to go to the in-laws house ever again. She's not going to get her spot on the sofa, the bed, or her comfy pillow for a whole month. She's never going to go outside again. Poor puppers! If you can't tell, I am NOT looking forward to staying at the in-laws. Too many changes for me.

Keep me in mind, my dear friends. It's going to be a long ride.



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