Monday, June 20, 2011

No News

Still, no news! I'm praying that no news is good news but I'm just going to keep praying and crossing my fingers.

I'm trying to keep my anxiety down by focusing on other things like a few job interviews I have coming up and my Best Besties 25th birthday this weekend. I need to find her an AMAZING gift. I'm thinking a nice journal with a handwritten letter. She is going through some major changes and I would love to see her document her new start and for her to look back in a year and feel like she made improvements.

Hubs and I are doing great and I am loving that we are growing as a couple. We are really starting to come into our own as a married couple. Even after a year, we are still learning daily. I was proud of us on Saturday. We had a perfectly adult conversation where a decision was made with no arguments, no crying, and no yelling. It was nice to see us make progress. This house process is doing leaps and bounds for our relationship. We grow stronger every day. And I am thankful.

I daily continue to pray. I pray for Hubs and I, our relationship, and each other. I pray that we continue to grow and to build our relationship daily. I pray for God to open one door at a time and to revile the path instead of the destination.

Lately, I've been selfishly praying for this house. I know I should trust God to do His will but I also would like to believe that God would not intentionally set me up for disappointment. Is it really just a freak occurrence that the night I become at peace with the move that I receive an e-mail for the perfect house? I would like to believe that God set this perfect plan into motion and that He has provided all of our needs and that I just need to practice patience.



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