Monday, July 11, 2011

Life is good

Well readers! Life is good.

I started my new job last Tuesday. I'm really enjoying it. I'm working with a team to learn to create mobile websites for the tourism industry. For someone who is somewhat computer savvy but has no programming or web-development knowledge or background I feel like I am catching on quickly and really learning. I'm thankful for my intern, Thoms, who has been working with me and teaching me all of his tricks. In addition to web-development, I have now become the office graphic designer. I created a mobile template for one of my sales girls to present to her client which if they go with my office could go with my design for all to see, I am working on graphics for a Facebook sweepstakes, and I even created a 6 foot tall banner to display at the trade show next weekend. Never, did I EVER think, I would end up a graphic designer.

In addition to really loving my new job, we were able to get BOTH AC units fixed in the house and are moving on to our appraisal. We will know on Friday exactly when our closing date is. I'm really ready to get into the house. I'm ready to live 15 minuets from work. I'm ready to paint and hang our art. I'm ready to sit on my new sofa and eat at my new dining room table. I'm really ready to cook my own food again, lounge in my undies, and just walk to the bedroom from the shower with out a towel. Oh the small things in life you miss when you don't live in the privacy of your own home.

I'm so excited for my friends and family. I'm excited that they are excited about all of the great changes in mine and Hubs life.



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