Wednesday, August 24, 2011

10 Day Challenge

10. I have a Pillow Pal that has been recovered MULTIPLE time and I still sleep with her nightly. Yes! My Pillow Pal is a She and her name is Pilla ;)
9. I really want to be a Homemaker but not necessarily a Stay at Home mom
8. I'm not sure I want kids but Hubs does
7. I was never in love with my High School Sweetheart who I dated for 2 years but I was in love with the guy that I dumped for my High School Sweetheart
6. My mommy is my BFF and I wish I would have spent more time with her in High School
5. I want to be my own boss because I don't do well with criticism
4. I want to be an artist but my logical side won't let me
3. I LOVE being a size 14 but I feel like I should be smaller to be successful
2. I tend to think I'm better than people and I only associate myself with people who are like me
1. I miss my carefree college lifestyle



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