Friday, August 12, 2011

Just my Luck

I know everyone is dieing to see pictures of the house. And I'm ready to start showing my house off BUT we've had so much go wrong with the house that I don't even want to think about it. My living room is the only place in my entire house that is painted, with furniture, and livable. The only thing missing is all of my pictures being hung.

The rest of my house is covered with boxes, trash, and nothing but a headache.

My dryer doesn't dry. The thermostat is broken and they are having problems getting me a piece. So I have this amazing dryer that WILL NOT dry :( I have almost a month of clothing just sitting around waiting on a good wash so until my dryer is fixed we're washing clothing on a must need basis. This is a pain.

We got the hot water heater fixed. YAY!! But my master shower only gets luke-warm. Why? I have no clue but showering is NO fun and my other bathroom is unusable.

Grace-dog has escaped my backyard twice. So tomorrow I am digging holes in my backyard to bury cinder blocks next to my fence so hopefully I can fix my escaping dog problem. Beau-dog has been great. Particularly because I think he is too big to fit through the holes in the fence. Poor guy!

It took us an extra week to get our dish and DSL set up because of Direct TV not being able to get service out at my house.

And I left my $150 pots in my condo. Thankfully the new tenants of my condo found them and held on to them. The good part, I bought this amazing little orange 2 quart pot. I am in love!!

And to top it all off I bought 2 herb plants and both are dieing.

This house is just my luck



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