Thursday, November 17, 2011

Burbon Pecan Pie

I must admit 2 things.

1. I am not looking forward to Thanksgiving. I'm going to be stuffed in a beach house with 20 of Hubs family, all which I like, don't get me wrong. But 20 people in the same house all with different agendas for 5 days is a little much.

2. I'm not much of a cook. No surprise, right? (This isn't what I had to admit, but trust me, it's coming)

So, when I found out I had to cook a side for 20 people I bit the floor. What the Hell!? No one told me this when I signed up for Thanksgiving at the Butler-In-Law house. Is it too late to go back to Jamaica again this year?

A little background on Hubs family. His mom makes EVERYTHING from scratch and I literally mean EVERYTHING. His aunt is little Mrs. Wonderful who really gets into all holidays. His 3 female cousins (all married and my age) just adore cooking, baking, and trying new recipes. I'm talking like hours on Pintrest finding ideas and even more hours trying out their finds.

And then there is me. Now, I love Pintrest as much as the next person but geez, I don't have time in my day to implement a quarter of the stuff I find on there. So when it comes to me cooking for 20 when I have a hard time cooking for 2 I wasn't sure even where to begin deciding what to cook. So I did what any other self-respecting Southern Belle would do in my situation, I waited. I waited to see what everyone else was bringing before I signed up. As everyone else signed up for layered cakes, new and yummy goodies, and casseroles this-or-that I decided that baked mac and cheese couldn't be that hard and was sure to be a crowd pleaser. I also decided that I'd make a great Bourbon Pecan Pie to help take the edge off. Thank you Paula for liquor and butter :)

So today I cracked. After mauling over this for weeks with Hubs and looking for the perfect (and easy) mac and cheese recipe I finally caved. (This is the part where I admit point 2).

I caved and I called my favorite seaside eatery, Gnats Landing, and bought a pan of mac and cheese. Big enough for WELL over 20 people. Score!! I just couldn't help it. The pressure of standing up to the perfect women of the Butler-In-Law household was too much.

However, I am going to continue to make my wonderful Bourbon Pecan Pies.

How hard can it be, right? Butter, bourbon, pre-made pie crust, pecans.... I mean I can do this.

Wish me luck my dear readers! And please, keep my secret safe.



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