Friday, January 20, 2012

When do I get to be me?

Am I just that naive? Do I really just think that the entire world is good and that people are just people?

I'm trying to understand why I'm so frustrated with everything. I want to just be me and I feel like everyone wants me to be someone else or something else. But in all honesty - I just want to be Sarah. I want to be the Sarah that is strong, confident, listens to her gut, goes with what feels right and tells it like it is.

It's really frustrating being the Sarah who has to use the absolute biggest and most complicated word I can find to use in an email, who has to walk on egg shells on a phone call and who has to over analyze each person I come into contact with because I feel like they are out to get me.

Aren't people just people - trying to do their job and be the best that they can be? Maybe I'm just a simple girl with a simple naive view of the world. No, I'm not a fool. I do understand that there are bad, mean, manipulative people in the world but that can't honestly be every person I come into contact with, can it?

When do I get to just be me!



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