Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Lilly Beach Vaca

I have a small obsession with all things Lilly Pulitzer, as I think all good Southern Belle do. So after my mini-vaca this weekend with Hubs and Grace-Dog to see Bestie Jena and her Hubby I couldn't help but to think about how perfect it would be to have all things Lilly at the beach.

I first found the perfect bathing suit.

Followed by the perfect white cover-up. White will help to tone down the color that Lilly has to offer.

I'd then pair my outfit with these amazing pink flip flops.

Of course, you must have sunglasses and nothing is better then these classic Lilly Signature shades.

To keep all of your non-Lilly beach essentals together and easy to carry I recommend this brightly colored Sea and Be Seen tote. Which if you note, is a perfect match to the swim suit featured.

And everyone knows a good Southern Belle has a big, floppy hat to shade them from the sun. This is not Lilly but a good fit to our full Lilly ensamble.

And lastly, to complete the full Southern Belle Lilly look you can not leave out the Cashmere scarf. It is perfect to tie around your big, floppy Southern Belle hat to give it some color. Or you can use it to tie your big, floppy Southern Belle hat onto your head when it gets a little too windy, as in an Audrey Hepburn esque manner.

To find all of my Lilly P look please visit http://www.zappos.com and http://www.lillypulitzer.com



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