Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Saftey First

I've been preparing for our mini-vaca to see my bestie Jena and her Hubby this weekend on the wonderful coast of Saint Simons Island. Beach chairs, beach towels, floppy hats, bathing suits, sunscreen I've been a busy little Sarah the past few days. Then I remembered my four legged furry bestie was going with us. Yay! But the beach and Grace don't always mix very well. Grace is not a fan of water and does not like to swim. This is kind of a bad combo when you start talking about going on the boat to the sandbar and taking the dogs with us. I really think Grace is going to enjoy the boat because she loves to ride with her head out of the car window and the faster you go the farther out her head goes. Since a boat is like one large open car window, I was naturally worried about Grace's saftey on the boat.

Being the over protective Doggie-Mommy that I am, I wanted to make sure that Grace was protected if an incident did occure. So I purchased this at my local PetCo store.

I really wish this vest would have been available. It is much more Southern Belle approved.

Unfortunally, it only came in this very unstylish neon yellow with reflecters but atleast if Grace goes overboard I won't have to worry about her knowing how to swim or being able to doggie paddle until we can make it back around to pick her up.



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