Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Black on Blue

So, I must admit when I chose my engagement picture outfit I wasn't trying to be stylish. To be honest I'm not a very stylish person. I tend to dress in dark colors and classic styles. When I chose my engagement outfit I knew I wanted something that I would wear to football games since I we were taking our pictures on the Georgia Tech Football field. Since all good Southern Belle's know that football is a way of Southern Living I found the perfect little strapless dress with pockets and paired it with a set of long pearls Hubs had given me for my birthday. It was the perfect tailgating/engagment picture outfit. However, not expecting to take our engagement pictures on the coldest Saturday in January, I had to pull a warm add-on out of the closet. Lucky for me, a few weeks before my Mommy talked me into buying a cropped black jacket from the Gap Outlet. The jacket was the perfect addition to my engagment outfit.

My black and blue ensamble paired with Hubs classic blazer and tie could not have been more perfect for our game day remake engagment shoot out at Bobby Dodd Stadium. As you can see here, Hubs and I reinacted our famous "Cheering the Team On" pose.

And just a side note, my wedding photog Todd Baugh Photography could not have been any more perfect braving the cold and trespassing to make our engagement shoot the best it could have been. You can see their website here at http://www.toddbaughphoto.com

Anyway, the whole point to the post is (yes, there is a point) while Twittering today I can across this amazing Tweet from People about Blue and Black ensambles. And I thought, "Who knew I would actually be stylish?" But it made me smile on the inside because it just reconfirmed that I am actually good at pairing together outfits. So thank you People.

Look at all of these celebrities who chose blue and black outfits. I just fit right in.

And you can read and see other style watch celebrities here at http://tinyurl.com/aumavt

So this just comes to show you that classic and boring styles actually sometimes can be trendy. Yay me!



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