Friday, July 23, 2010

Thanksgiving with The Butlers

So, I've spent today calling everyone and preparing them for the plans Hubs and I have for Turkey Day this year. This year we have decided to pull a "Christmas with the Cranks" or "Four Christmas" and take a vacation and boycott Thanksgiving. Not because we are not Thankful for the friends, family, and loved ones we have but because we decided to celebrate being Thankful at the beach instead.

After searching and pondering Greece, Italy, France, Turks and Caicos, Mexico, and Punta Cana we decided to stay state side. So the search began Hawaii, Vegas, New York, and then showed me Vero Beach, specifically the Vero Beach Hotel and Spa. Now when I think Vero Beach I think Space Station, which to me does not scream VACATION!! However, this resort is just to die for. Luxury bedding, jacuzzi tubs, rain shower heads, and most importantly Grace-Dog friendly with NO restrictions or fees. She's treated just like family. I am in love.

I'm honestly ready to pack up tomorrow and go. I will admit for a couple looking to buy Marsh Front property in the next year the resort was a little pricey for us which is why we wanted to go through however the days we needed were on wait. Who knew so many people went on vacation for Thanksgiving. I thought this was off-season? Anyway, after searching for many other hotels along any coast that offered the great things that Vero Beach Hotel and Spa did I turned up empty handed and went back to the drawing board. My drawing board however consisted of every price saver, price matcher website I could find. I finally used to compare all the prices at once and I used to make my reservations. Now I will admit, I was and still am, a little weary of because I have never heard of this website or anyone using it. But after doing my research I found that it is a sister company of and decided to use it anyway. I went from booking a $500 a night hotel room with the Reservation Specialist at Vero Beach Hotel and Spa to booking the same room for $230 a night with

I must admit from the website and the reviews I have read online about the resort I can not wait to pack my bags and go, Grace-Dog in tow. You have to see the pictures, all courtesy of

How beautiful? Did I mention that we will be able to enjoy an in-room couples massage, dinner by the beach, golf, snorkeling, and kayaking. It's the perfect little holiday getaway. And Heaven for this little Southern Belle. I will deffintally post my reviews after this trip.



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