Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fear isn't tangible

Please imagine the following on a giant billboard outside your window: Fear isn’t tangible. You can’t touch fear. Which means, fear can’t touch you. The tough love is that it’s all in your head. How do you break out of it? ACT. Do something. Bit by tiny bit, build your life back up. Build it up new. Begin anywhere. Say it, send it, stop it, start it, move it, love, give, forgive, just do. It’s physical. Take the positive warnings fear brings, then make a decision and launch. It’s called a leap of faith for a reason. A leap not a hop or a step. It feels like flying, like you may not land, as if for a split second you are weightless. It’s scary. But, then you land and something crazy happens. You have sprouted real wings. You feel even better than you did in flight. Do not let fear, the intangible, paralyze you any longer. Life is too short.

Lara Casey from wrote that. She is such an inspiration. She is a well-known editor and publisher, planner, and motivational speaker. Lara is one of the most inspirational people I have never met.

I have been so afraid of failure that I have been holding myself back. I have a great vision for my own wedding consultant business. I have failed to complete my business plan, apply for my license, or attend any conferences. I have worked on a few weddings, worked with a few consultants, and took an event management class in college. I was even offered the opportunity to be employed with a consultant in Savannah and turned it down because I didn't want to follow her clause and be limited to my own business some day. Now here I am standing in fear of my dream.

I am confident that if I was given the chance I could be the best. I have a keen eye for detail, a love for etiquette, and a passion for making people happy. If given the chance I can prove myself. I am that confident. I am that confident in my ability to please my client and to not stop working until that is accomplished.

I am not however, confident in failure. I do not do well in failure. And my fear of failure is holding me back. It's time to take action of my life. It's time to jump and see how high I can go. All great things were accomplished in fear. Fear should not be holding me back, it should be pushing my further. Pushing me to accomplish what no one else thought I should.

In fear I will either fail. Or I will prevaile. It is my decision!



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