Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Workout: Week 2

Today marks the completion of Workout Week 1. I must say I am quite proud of myself. My goal for Week One was to run the elliptical for 30 minuets everyday and to re-acclimate myself to getting up early and to working out. I feel like I completed my Week One goals. I did give myself Saturday off the elliptical but the 3 hours of walking around and shopping I feel made up for that. And even if I missed my morning workout due to sleeping in I came home and ran on either my lunch break or after work.

I see no physical results and have lost no weight as I weighed in at 180 again this morning but I feel better. I am eating better, I am active, and I am thinking more about myself. Perfect example, I was forced to eat lunch in town today for ridicules reason and instead of going to McDonald's, which would be my normal first choice, I chose to pick up a wheat chicken quesadilla from Barberitios. Not the most healthiest thing I could have chosen but pretty close.

I also posted a story from Shape Magazine on the fridge this week. A lady my age, height, and current weight lost 50 pounds by running 30 minuets daily and changing her eating habits. She forced herself to walk 1200 steps a day and took her dog on lots of walks, which will make Grace-Dog happy once it cools off. I don't remember the time frame that she accomplished her weight goal in but I was inspired by her and she was a great motivation for me because she is doing exactly what I want to be doing. Running, eating healthy, and loosing weight.

My goal for Week 2 is to continue getting up in the AM with Hubs and working out. I also want to try to get up earlier than I have been to be able to throw some lifting in as well. I also want to continue to eat healthy and in smaller portions.

Jamaica body bound here I come.



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