Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Finding the perfect shoes and not having your Credit Card

Hubs and I have decided to move around next May. We both want to be closer to the coast and he wants to be closer to his school, while I want to be somewhere new. I have never been more ready for a change in my life as I am now. We have been eyeing this little perfection of a house down the road from my bestie, Jena. I check the listing daily to ensure it is still on the market and to dream of the day we move in. I know this is unrealistic and silly but being a homeowner and living in a home where I can entertain and have something to be proud of has always been a dream of mine.

Say hello to dream house. Now it is nothing special but it was perfect for us. Large outdoor yard, pool, no HOA but in a well-kept neighborhood, great outdoor entertaining area, and perfect location.

However, today, my dreams were crushed. The house Hubs and I have been googling over was taken off the market. It was the most disheartening news to receive today. I felt like all of my dreams were crushed. Everything Hubs and I have hoped, wished, and work for gone. Now I know that this house is not the only house out there on the market but it was a dream come true. Everything we both wanted plus a price we could afford.

Today was like finding the perfect pair of Louboutin's on discount but not having your credit card. You know that you can't buy them today but if you come back for them tomorrow there is not guarntee that they will be there. That is how I feel about this house. We knew we couldn't buy it now but we hoped that it would still be there when we could.

So for now I think I am going to stay off of the real estate websites and wait until we are closer to moving. Who knows maybe we can even get a House Hunters experience?! Hey now, a Belle can wish!



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