Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Workout: Week 1

I have a love/hate relationship with working out. I love the feeling that working out gives you but I hate the act of working out. I enjoy being on the elliptical, and climbing the stair master, and the weight machines. I hate the time that it takes up. I have always struggled with my weight, my Mommy and I both have. And bless my Mommy, I look just like her and am built just like her. I will never be a skinny, mini stick lady but a few 30 pounds lighter I would be happy.

I have a problem with working out. When I feel like I am not seeing the results like I should I tend to give up. I get frustrated with all the work that I am putting in and not seeing anything out of my hard work. I feel like I am waisting my time. In college it was easier. I had a workout friend who was equal with me on physical shape and goals. We had nothing but class, work, and social events to work around and the gym was always a few steps away. Even with an elliptical and weights in the luxury of my own home, I still struggle with working out. I always tell myself that Halloween is going to be my motivator so I can wear my skimpy outfit before I get too old to be a sexy kitten or pirate maiden. Then I go strong in the gym for a few months and then Halloween comes and goes and so do my workout habits. Then comes bathing suite season, and football season, and the same thing happens. Hard workout for a few weeks and then stop.

This time I have exactly 10 weeks until we leave for Jamaica and I am no where near hot International bathing suit territory. But this time I am determined to continue with my workout routine and keep up the hard work. I have also really changed my eating habits. I am no longer eating fast food at lunch and we have cut take out night to once a week. No sodas, sweets, and a lot less food intake. I can really tell a difference in how much I was eating to how much I am eating now.

I keep up with all the celebrity gossip, who's wearing what, doing what, and looking like what. And I have decided which celebrity I want to look like.

Khloe Kardashian! She is thin but no skinny and she looks healthy. My biggest fear is that I will one day not look healthy. She also kept her beautiful curves. I just overall love her look.

I know which celebrity I do not want to look like.

Madonna! She looks manly and old to me. I am a lady and I am sure Hubs would like for me to keep some curves.

So my dear readers, I weighed in at a whopping 180 pounds, the heaviest I have weighed in my entire life. Every Tuesday I will weigh in a keep you posted on my workout routine.



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