Sunday, September 19, 2010

House Hunters: Brunswick

So Hubs and I have been looking to become first time homebuyers in the next 6 to 8 months. We've been researching, watching the market, and trying to know everything we can before we go into this house buying venture. We have been saving and planning for this move.

I will admit that my little home owner dream was squashed the other day when I saw that dream house was taken off the market. But after a good cry, a few talks, and some advice I got back out there. Hubs reminded me of the little fixer upper that we liked and even said that he would like to consider it becuase it would be an opportunity to make it our own, something he has shot down in the past. I think him working with my Daddy to rebuild his back deck helped to show him to take pride in his house. Hubs still talks about his experience helping Daddy rebuild that deck.

Now this little fixer upper needs some little TLC and a lotta yard work, and I must say yard work is something I do not enjoy. Buying a fixer upper is an exciting but nervous buy for me. Buying a fixer upper means that it can be all mine and Hubs. We can make all the changes, decisions, and do all the work. However, that also means that we get to make all the mistakes and that is one scarey thing. I would like to think of myself as handy but when it all comes down too it I'm not so sure. Yes, I can paint, and pull weeds, and hang pictures pretty straight without a measuring tape. But when it comes to plumbing, crown molding, and electrical I'm lost. And I know nothing about gardening and I hate trimming bushes.

So without futher wait here is the little fixer upper we will be watching...

What a cutie!! Its got some problems that are bigger than Hubs and I and we will have to bring in the pros but for the most part we can handle this. A little paint, a few upgraded appliances, and a few special touches and I think we could have ourselves a home.

This is the perfect porch.

And with a little love it could look like this...

And I would love to build the front up something like this...

So, my dear readers, as House Hunters: Brunswick addition continues I will keep you posted. This is becoming really fun!!



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  1. oh its amazing! have you applied to be on the show house hunters? you really should!