Thursday, October 7, 2010

Workout Wednesday: Week 4

Ok readers, remember me telling you I tend to get frustrated with working out and giving up. Well, this is where I become frustrated with my workout routine. I have been working out for a good 4 weeks daily, 30 minuets of running daily and still no results. I have been eating healthy, drinking SlimFast for lunch, and watching my portion size at dinner. Hubs and I have cut out all fast food except for dinner out one night every 7 days and even then I'm buying kids meals and salads.

This time however, I refuse to give up on my workout. I will admit I have been lasy the last few days and have enjoyed laying in bed watching Fox News loving on my Grace-Dog. I need to get back into getting up at 6 A.M. and watching Fox News will listening to my Pandora Station of Hip Hop and Rap, not laying in bed with my Snooze Button and sleepy dog.

Sure, I feel better. I have a good hungray throughout the day and I am getting up early, going to bed early, and having lots of energy but somewhere I have to start seeing results. I need new winter clothes but I refuse to buy new clothes while working out. I'm ready to resort to another means of loosing weight but I'm not sure how or what without some crazy diet or hyped up workout drug.

So, I will continue to workout, daily, and blog, weekly, about my routine. Hopefully I will be seeing some results sometime soon.



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