Friday, November 19, 2010

New Years Eve Outfit

Hubs and I have bought a night out on the town in Atlanta for New Years Eve. Dinner with friends (hopefully at some fancy high end restaurant), cab rides in taxis, a lavish hotel, and once amazing band that we used to pay $5 bucks to see play in Statesboro. What a way to bring in 2011!?

But for such a elegant evening I had to find the most perfect outfit. Something that screamed Classy, Southern, ready to party New Years Eve! And lucky for my J.Crew had the perfect party dress on sale this weekend in their Factory Outlet. And just so happens I am a J.Crew card holder. Double lucky me!

This is what I have decided my NYE 2011 will look like.

First the dress is J.Crew, of course.

The coat was found on Piperlime and is a great addition to staying warm and not looking like a women of the night walking around downtown Atlanta. I don't want any funny business ruining my NYE.

The "Berry" colored tights are none other than Guess, which is by no means any more of a shocker than if I had said Besty Johnson.

The glittery pumps perfect for dancing in are some no name brand from a no name site that ended up being only $35 dollars, which is perfect in case one becomes lost, broken, or just "misplaced" during the evening and never finds it way home. Hey, what happens on NYE is not my responsibility.

The necklace and earrings are from Piperlime by a brand called Honey and Hive. I always seem to find the best jewelery by this designer.

The beaded clutch is from Banana Republic. And is just the right size for holding the new Dr. Scholls Fast Flats for when my tootsies begin to ache and I can't walk a block longer.

And all of this to go with my new hair style that I am getting tomorrow. Yay! Can't wait :) So dear friends, stay tuned for tomorrow when I show off my new hair style.



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