Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Not good for the Southern Soul

I'm not sure where to begin with this post. I'm so stressed out at this point. I'm stressed about my car, money, my job, my future, and just life in general. All this stress can not be good for my poor little Southern Belle soul. I will retract the word "Stressed" and insert the word "Worried".

I was reminded this week that my job is not a consistent and that at any time my hard work, unappreciated efforts, and security could be snatched out from under me.

I'm tried of car shopping. I thought this would be a fun and enjoyable experience. Test driving all types of cars, finding my perfect fit, and negotiating my way into the perfect car. Yeah, I lied to myself when I said this would be fun. I'm going tomorrow to look at now car number three. This will either be my Third Times a Charm or Sarah's Walking to Work Everyday. Either way at least I will be done with this car thing. I think I would rather push my Cougar around than to buy a new one at this point.

Money is always a worry of mine. I want Hubs and I to have the best that we can but I feel that no matter what I do I'm never doing enough. And now with buying a car and having yet another car payment our savings is going to dwindle even more. Good-bye being a home owner this summer, good-bye all of our fun trips, good-bye Georgia Tech season tickets, good-bye shopping trips, good-bye extras.

I'm ready to become established and to settle into a town and create relationships with people. I'm ready to become engulfed into a community. And I can't do that in the town I am in. Everyone still looks at me like I'm some college student. I'm ready to be treated like an adult. To be respected as an adult. I'm not so sure why I'm ready to be so adult, I think I'm just tired of being stuck in limbo between college kid and young adult. And the two always seem to be confused.

I'm praying that 2011 will bring lots of good things.



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