Sunday, December 26, 2010

OMG!! Preppy!

OMG!! I have always been a fan of L.L. Bean but out side of the really awesome bookbag that EVERYONE toated around in Middle School and High School I haven't really done much shopping there. I knew they carried Sporting gear for Bird Dog Trainers and great outdoor-sy items but have never really paid much attention to their clothing selection. I have always been a Gap, Victoria's Secret, J.Crew kinda gal. But I did a little Christmas shopping from L.L. Bean this year so I have been receiving their e-mail and catalog updates. Well after a long weekend of refusing to check my e-mail I was doing a little clean up tonight and came accross an e-mail for the L.L. Bean WINTER SALE!!! And as we all know the world SALE gets my everytime. Boy, I was really suprised by their sale. They have amazing deals and I decided to take advantage of the extra Christmas money I was given and invest in a few key pieces.

I found these great skirts that will be great to wear when Spring starts rolling in.

That would be paired with this too cute and SO preppy cardigan.

And of course the printed corduary pants. These have peasants on them. LOVE THEM!

And this tote is so versital and great for everyday use.

And these skimmers are the perfect addition to ANY outfit. Pure perfection! :)

Watch out J.Crew, L.L. Bean is moving up on my list of best Southern Style.



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