Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Should be fun

As we all know, my sweet little red sporty, girly car has died!! :( TEAR!!! So I am now on the hunt for ANOTHER sweet little sporty, girly car, how hard can that be RIGHT!? Wrong!! Boy, was I ever wrong. I thought finding the perfect girly car would be easy. A little 2 door, sleek, sexy, sporty car. I don't ask for much really a cd player, cruise control, clean, and nice body. Man, I sound like I'm looking for the perfect guy. Haha!!

Needless to say car shopping first of, the week of Christmas and secondly, 3 hours away from where I live/work is not easy. So thankfully, my Daddy has been kind enough to now drive and negotiate pricing for me. But I will admit, I'm nervous to buy and finance a car that I haven't even ever seen in person. But I also trust my Daddy's opinion since he has done this HUNDREDS of times before. He has bought me 2 cars now and hasn't steered me wrong yet.

The first car I desperately wanted was a Sebring Convertible. However, the dealership wants too much money for it and it's not a very well respected car in the world of car ratings, but it is the perfect little Belle car. Needless to say, this little car was vetoed. It had an oil leak, needed new tires, and was loud in the cabin. No good, I already went through that with the Cougar. No thank you!!

The car I am not negotiating price on is a Toyota Solaria Convertible. YAY!! My first car ever was a Toyota Camery and I LOVED it. So I would be very pleased to hop in another Toyota. It is 10 years old but has really low miles and Daddy says looks and drives like a BRAND NEW car. Also, Hubs called his old boss who drives a Solaria 115 miles daily to work and he loves his car also and has had no problems with it.

If my offer is not accepted, I am then going to move on to either finding a engine for the Cougar OR moving on to trying to negotiate price on a Honda Coupe. I have a few options in this category and just need to decide what color and price I want to pay. Sad thing is none of these cars are convertible, which I REALLY want.

Who would have thought that buying a new car could be this stressful. This should be FUN!!



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