Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globes - Hot and Not!

I love the Golden Globes. I love everything that it stands for. It is the only award ceremonies that supports all areas of film entertainment TV and Movie, Foreign and Domestic. It carries such prestige. The Golden Globes are chosen by a panel of experts from all areas of film and are not always based on popularity, money, or actors. Screenwriters and plot lines are also taken into consideration. I feel like the Golden Globes is the best time for lesser known actors and actresses to shine and have their moment.

With that said there are just a few no-no's in my book when dressing for the elite Golden Globes. And here are a few of my rules...


Hallie Berry: This is a no-no. Too much leg for one. This is such a classy even and this is more after party for the after party type of dress.

Michelle Williams: I thought "Dawson's Creek" went out years ago. No-no! This is shabby-trash not dinner party classic.

Natalie Portman: You are a beautiful, amazing, talented actress who will make a wonderful wife and mother but PLEASE do not do it in that dress. From the color, to the awkward flower embellishment Natalie just looked awkward. I'm not sure if being preggers in the spotlight made her uncomfortable or if it was the award show of a combonation for all of it but she didn't seem like her beautiful, graceful self last night. Either way, I say no-no to the dress.

January Jones: Ohhh girl, NO-NO!! First, January and Hallie must be going to the same after the after party and secondly, I am not a fan of matching the red carpet. Please put the shade back on the lamp and go home!

Helena Bonham Carter: Must I even say it but NO-NO!!! Bad girl! This is such a mockery of everything the Golden Globes stands for.

Ok, ok enough with the bad fashion and on to the ladies who know who to rock it with class (something ALL Southern Belle's should know about) so take notes ladies.

Let's start with a surprise pick...

Kyra Sedgwick: Now I think we all know how I fee about color. I like it few and far between and I always have. I prefer blacks, greys, and lots of neutrals with a few pop of colors here and there. But this dress, WOW!! The color is total perfection. (She's from 'The Closer', btw)

Sandy B... a lot of critiques knocked on this style for the Golden Globes and I agree it may not be the most stylish pick but it is very classy and put together look. I give her a "You go Girl" for this style.

Miss. Kelly Osborn has truly blossomed into a beautiful, sophicated lady. And she has made an amazing transformation and I admire her so much for her life changes. I would dub her an Honorary Southern Belle.

Jane Krakowski, now this is how I would consider a baby bump to be shown. She carries and embraces her bump. Such beauty is shown here. Perfection!! (Actress from 30 Rock from those who don't know)

Julia Stiles, where have you been and what have you been up too? It was amazing to see her out and glammed up and showing off her beautiful style. Pure perfection!

Olivia Wilde: Ballgown perfection. Glamour, glamour, glamour. (She is "Thirteen" from 'House' for those who are confused where this beauty came from)

And let's not forget the Gents of the night. My favorite winner of the night was Mr. Jake Gyllenhaal. Whom I have had a secret celeb crush on for years!!

Who were your No-No's and Beautiful Belle's for the Golden Globes? And which award show do you look forward too each year?



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