Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rat, a Tatt-Tatt

I love tattoos and have my first tattoo done on my 19th birthday. It was a fairly large peice for my first tattoo and my tattoo artist was very suprised at how well I endured the pain. It is a design of a free form dragonfly in black ink with little to no detail. It is in the small of my back which some like to call the "tramp stamp" but I would not trade the spot of my first tattoo for anything. It was received at such a wonderful and carefree point in my life and I love everything that it stands for.

I received my second tattoo when I was at a turning point in my life. This tattoo is on the inside of my left ankle. Hubs and I had taken a serious relationship ending break and I was seeing a new guy. He had two sailor type swallows on his chest representative of Seaman and Sailors. I had been struggling with the idea of a multi-colored dove with my initials and he encouraged me to go for it. I have a love/hate relationship with this tattoo. To me it looks more like a pot leaf than a dove and was not well execuited. I have considered for months now (after talking with my bbf Kendall who is getting her tattoos removed) about also having my "dove" removed. After researching I found the "Wrecking Balm" is not the best way to remove a tattoo and I am waiting to see Kendall's finished removal before I consider laser removal. But that seems to be my best option and it really isn't all that expensive. Now I just have to find someone in my area to do the removal.

But I have now decided that I want a third tattoo!! I have decided to follow the new trend and to have a "B" Scripted into the inside of my left wrist. Since I am now on a new monogramming kick I feel that this is only appropiate. It will also help to symbolize my marriage to Hubs and will fit with my maiden intials tattooed onto the inside of my ankle. I would love to have it done in my new favorite turquise color but common sense tells me that classic black is the best way to go.

Speaking of tattoo's, I had no clue my fav Gossip Girl lovley Queen B, has her very own real, life tattoo. Just beautiful!!



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