Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Belles with Babies

Today I bought a few baby gifts for one of mine and Hubs' favorite friends. Of course coming from this cocktail drinkin', fun lovin', know nothing about babies Belle I turned to my ole' trusty Pottery Barn Kids. Since I love Pottery Barn so much I thought this would be the perfect place to pick up a few gifts and boy oh boy was I right. Today I found so many amazing things today that it almost, and I mean ALMOST, makes me want to start to baby makin' but almost is only good when dealing with horseshoes and hand gerniades so I bought for my amazing friends instead.

This was the awesome gift I bought for our besties.

But I almost bought one of these cute cuddly guys but I just couldn't pass up the Lambies Trio.

How cute but impracticle are these animal bath robes? I'd buy one for my own kid but as a gift it's just not gift worthy.

Stackable farm animals!! EEP! Need I saw more?

If you didn't know already I kind of have a small lambie obsession. So when I saw this bedding I knew I was in Heaven.

And what about the thought of lambies flying over your head?

Even through all the cute baby stuff I think I'll stick to buying baby gifts. Atleast for the next few years!



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