Sunday, February 20, 2011

Swim Time

AHHH!! It's beginning to look a lot like SUMMER! And summer time means swim time and beach time and boat time and FUN TIME!

So in honor of warmer weather and sandy beaches in my future I want to show case a few Victoria's Secret beach sexy wear that I am just GUSHING over.

I love strips!

And this multi-color is awesome!

More strips!

And the seashells just remind you of the ocean so much that even a day at the pool with have you thinking of the beach!

I just love this crazy pattern!

The VS Push-Up is just AMAZING!! And so is the color!

Paisley! There is nothing else to be said.

Strips again in Halter!!

And of course, the best cover-up EVER!!

Oh please let me be beach bound soon!!



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