Monday, March 14, 2011

From Yankee Boy to Southern Gent

For those who do not know, Hubs is originally from Michigan. And just a few miles outside of Detroit to be exact. When Hubs first moved from Michigan he talked like a Yankee, dressed like a Yankee, and acted like a Yankee. Needless to say, I did not like Hubs very much at all. But over time Hubs and I began to understand each others complete cultural differences. I became the Southern Belle that all of his Yankee friends LOVED and he became the Yankee boy who brought me out of my sheltered ways. I would say that overall, Hubs and I turned out A-OK!!

However, there was one thing that I was unable to change in Hubs. And that was his Yankee ways of dressing. For the longest time Hubs would't leave the house unless he was in baggy gym shorts, jeans 2 sizes 2 big, a ball cap cocked to the side, AND his beloved WHITE SNEAKERS!! It was a HOT mess. And not a very attractive one.

I don't even have a picture of Hubs to share during this time in his life that is how bad it is. Ok so I lied, this is the best picture I could find but even this does not do Yaknee Hubs justice.

It has been a SLOW, and when I say slow I mean 5 years too slow, but I have finally converted Hubs to the Southern Gent ways, in actions and in dress. It started first with turning his hat straight, buying pants that fit, and replacing the hated white sneakers with Nikes and overtime it has progressed to Khakis, Southern Proper, Otter Bay, and Clarks. We even replaced his Dirty Monte (a 1990 Monte Carlo) with a Trail Blazer and replaced his Yankee friends with Fraternity ones. He's now talking about buying a boat and learning to bird hunt. Overall, I would say the change has bee a successful one.

Just this weekend we went shopping and bought a few new items that Hubs picked out on his own will. And was actually excited about them. Please let me share of few of Hubs picks that I think every true Southern Gent needs.

First there is the Southern Proper ( Beau! This bow tie is featured in the Marlin fish. And matches my formal dress perfectly.

Then there is the OHHHH so soft Southern Tide ( t-shirt. Which, BTW, if no one has ever purchased one of these babies they are the softest t-shirt ever. This shirt Hubs picked features fishing lures. His step towards moving coastal.

And let's not forget the most perfect polo shirt from Otter Bay. Ladies, if you haven't yet PLEASE check out their ladies fit. It feels like a polo but wears like a t-shirt. HEAVEN!! And they come in amazing colors. (

And last but not least, CLARKS slip on loafers. A full conversion from White Sneakers to Sperry's to Clarks Loafers. This was a proud moment complete with a Horse Bit buckle. (

I must admit Saturday was a proud moment for me. I love my Southern Gent Hubs!!



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