Monday, March 14, 2011

Decisions to Make

While I was waiting on my car tire to get fixed, I decided to check my horoscope a little early today. This is something I normally would do at the end of my day before bed to see how closley my day related to my horoscope. But out of boredom I drifted away from my routine.

I got a very intersting horoscope today. It was slightly impowering.

"You must make a choice now that is neither right nor wrong. That's because it is a deeply personal choice. One that can only be made from the heart. You needn't worry about whether your are doing the right thing or not. If you get caught up in weighing and analyzing your options, you will do yourself a disservice. You can't apply logic to this situation, because it is esentially about what you feel and whether you will be fulfilled by the decision you make. Don't turn to others. Do some soul searching adn you will know exactly what to do."

I think it is ironic that I received this today, on a Monday after a long morning of pondering. I feel like I have a life changing decision to make and I'm just not sure where to go with it. I feel like there is the smart, responsible decision and then there is the irresponsible, selfish, just for me decision. I feel like I should take the high road and be an adult and responsible however my gut is telling me to take a leap. What and where I'm leaping towards is the unknown. I usually hate the unknown but for some reason this is just pulling on me. I'm just trying to hold out for a few more months to make a decision. And I'm honestly hoping that Hubs will make my decision much easier by finding a teaching job in a new town and allowing me to make a split, no think decision.



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