Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Prom Ideas

I am shooting my Besties younger sister and her date for their high school prom in a few weeks. I'm super excited to be apart of her special day and have been doing some research on more casual individual and casual poses.

I have a great vision of using a vintage sofa or chair in an open field. It is the furthest from traditional prom portraits which is where I want to stay away from. I really think that Bestie, her date, and all the others in their group are really going to enjoy this new concept.

This to me is just such a cute and classic concept. So fresh and modern, with a hint of simple.

And of course, half the fun of going to prom is picking out your dress and shoes so pictures of these items are crucial.

And of course you can't leave the boys out so I was thinking something like these poses with the sofa/chair of course.

And for the group if we end up down town then someting like this would be awesome with all of the boys.

And for a couple shot that screems friends would be something like this:

Of course they are taking a limo so you better believe I'll be in the limo (not riding of course) but snapping pictures before they take off for their night.

I'm so excited about things to come!



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