Friday, March 4, 2011

I love Theta Xi

Hubs is a Theta Xi Brother from the Gamma Phi chapter at Georgia Southern and every year we attend formal. And this year is no exception. Last night I bought my formal dress and arranged all of my accessories to follow in the mail in the next few days.

So I present to you, my fellow reader, a Southern Belle formal wear.

Ok, so I lied. Hubs' fraternity is more of a semi-formal look think mini cocktail dresses.

For formal this year I went with a longer, more fuller dress from Victoria's Secret. Go figure, right? And the shoes are Colin Stuart Espadrilles, also from VS, in gold! Paid with chandler gold earrings and a gold cuff from Piperlime by Kenneth Cole. Love! And of course, my newest obsession, Big Buddha, who made the beautiful gold clutch. Also from Piperlime and on sale!! I love my informal clutch so much I couldn't let this one pass me by.

For a formal sit down dinner and dance afterward I think this is a pretty awesome outfit. I'm super excited for it to all come in so I can wear it.

And let's not forget hair. Since I know have this awesome, short bobbed hair cut that is awesome with dry mousse applied I thought that the semi-messy "I meant for it to look this way" style would be great. Simple and easy! My kind of hair.

And please, a Belle must look just as stunning the morning after heavy drinking as she did enjoying the night. So I covered all of my bases and picked up a few things for the morning after. I figured we would all have to eat sometime, correct?

The dress is again a Victoria's Secret buy and is easy and convertible for a light pack and go over night trip. Plus paired with nothing it is a great, "I meant to look this way" dress. The shoes from AMAZING again from VS, and again Colin Stuart. I just love this brand of shoe. So comfortable, you wouldn't believe. And the bag, is why yes, Big Buddha. And perfect for a beach trip this summer! And this entire outfit will be paired with my Ralph Lauren Aviators and the dry mousse hair style. Easy enough.

April can not come soon enough. I am so excited to wear all of my new things! And to party with all of my Theta Xi boys. Hubs and I are trying to convince his Big and His wifey to join us for formal.



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