Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I can do anything...

Just like Barbie! ;)

Since life in my office is so up in the air right now we've been going over life plans and discussing our favorite childhood toys. My manager and I have decided that Barbie was totally the best. She always had the best clothing, the highest heels, perfect hair, the coolest car, the biggest house, the bestest friends, and the hottest guy. She always looked perfect and never aged. How much more perfect does life need to be?

While all of my friends were pushing around their fake babies with fake diapers and fake bottles I was playing dress up, going on date, driving my convertible, and changing careers daily. All through Barbie that is. I vicariously lived my life through Barbie.

Barbie was always a working woman. She never was married and never had kids. Barbie was always a leading woman, strong, business-minded and independent. I loved Barbie.

I had forgotten how driven I was as a child. Somewhere in life I had forgotten my life goals. Talking at our desks about Barbie today brought back all of those driven goals. I've been saying latley that I wanted to do something big with my life and now with all of the changes is the perfect time to start dreaming big, and not just dreaming big, acting BIG!



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  1. Speaking of Barbies, my mom still has all of mine.. 35 barbies to date, including clothes, house, cars, furniture.. you name it, I had it and still HAVE it.. hahahaha