Monday, April 18, 2011

Round Dos

Wednesday I have a job interview. I'm excited about it. I'm interviewing to be the Assistant Director of Admissions for South University. This could be fun. Some desk work, some traveling, new clients and ever changing experiences.

Hubs and I are also going to look at a few condos, one I am particularly excited about. It is .95 mile from Hubs job, 1.5 miles from Forsyth Park, and about 15 minuets from where I could be working. It is an older Victorian home that has been renovated into a duplex. It has all the amazing charm of an old Savannah home. There are beautiful hardwood floors, a great fenced in back yard for the puppies, and all appliances. And at such an amazing price, a price I am not freaking out about.

Today I was given much more clarity on my position and when to expect to not be needed anymore. All of my questions were answered and I at least have a time line now of what to expect. And I have been given permission to leave to go on interviews at anytime with no pay repercussions.

So here goes round 2. Hopefully it goes better than round one.

Also, I turned down the Lifetouch position. As great as it would have been even with crappy pay I got a ton of interest this weekend with my own photography company and I am not ready to put that dream on hold just yet. I mean, it hasn't even let it's wings spread and fly yet.



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