Monday, May 16, 2011

Grateful Fortune

I did something this morning that I normally don't do, other than wake up bright eye'd and bushy tailed at 7:30, and that was read my daily horoscope. Normally I would wait until the end of the day to compare my day to my horoscope. I try not to let my horoscope dictate my day.

My horoscope this morning recognized that I have been going through a rough patch, which is being unemployeed after my position was given to some Cali girl, but it said to take time for all the things I have to be grateful for and that fourtune is coming my way. Yay!

But despite being unemployeed which is a huge unspoken burden that Hubs and I have been trucking through I do have a ton to be grateful for.

I have wonderful and supportive friends who are helping me find jobs to apply for, prep for interviews, and supply unending words of motivation.

I have had 4 interviews and 2 job offers and I am waiting for 2 call backs. I did turn down 2 job offers and have total peace about it. Neither were the right jobs for me and both were dead end. I'm really crossing my fingers on either job that I am awaiting call backs from. As bestie has told me, "Will it to happen" so that is what I'm doing. I keep talking to Hubs about when I get this job. I'm just praying I'm not disappointed in the end. But I am anxious to know which is probably why I was up at 7:30 ready to start the day.

I have an amazing opportunity to open a bridal boutique and I have been working full stem ahead with the plans. I have a location, a plan, a design, and am working on dress designers. I am going to begin applying for business licenses and working on investors and financing. I am very, very, very pleased with my progress and really feel like I could open in January, if not sooner, at the pace I'm going.

I have asked my bestie since I was 13 to partner with me. She is a great asset to me. She has a great vision and brings me to reality when I get too into the clouds. She is supportive and loving and I could not think of a better person to work side by side with. I'm just praying that we don't ruin our friendship over this. She still hasn't commited to partnering with me yet but either way I am grateful for her.

I am upmost grateful for Hubs who has loved and supported my every decision since we first found out some Cali girl was taking over my position. I am grateful that he is willing to relocate so I can follow my dream of my boutique even though he is still really confused on the concept. I am also grateful that he hasn't bit my head off about turning down jobs or being wishy-washy about moving.

I am grateful that lots of things can change within 30 days and even just 15 days.

I am grateful that opportuntities are opening all around Hubs and I.

I am grateful that Hubs and I are learning patience and to work together and make decisions. Everyday we are going as a couple and we are moving forward in our marriage. I expect everything to be perfect all the time but as Hubs reminds me, we are only a year into marriage and still trying to figure things out. We are a strong unit and continue to grow stronger.

I have so much to be grateful for. And I feel good about the fortunes that I have in life. And now I feel really good about life.



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