Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dream House

Before Hubs and I decide to buy I would like to consider building.

I would like to show our housing plans to a contractor and go over building costs before we commit to buying. If we can build dream home for a good price, than that is the option I would like to go with.

These are some ideas I would like to see in our purchased, non-rental home.

Downstairs Plans

Upstairs Plans

Outside of the house (from plans)

But I would like it to look more like this...

I love these colors but I want a BIG beautiful porch like the builder designed. So I would combine the two.

And I would like to add in elements of this porch with the french doors and two-toned stair case and the ceiling fans. Because I want to extend the porch on the builders design to connect all the way around with the second porch. Speaking of changes I want to make, I want to extend the master closet and take out the wash room. I want to cut the library in half and create a mudroom by the backdoor entrance and create a smaller library/office. I also want to add a 3rd bedroom to the second floor to create a 4 bedroom home.

I want to have hardwood throughout but on the stairs I know how hard going up and down hardwood stairs can be without come carpeting so I want to use a jute carpeting like this...

To close off the kitchen from the great room I would love to host a set of barn doors. Maybe painted in a great teal distressed look.

I want my front door to have a style like this...

And the coloring like this which I would want to carry the color through with shutters...

And on the porch, I want to be able to hang one of these...



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  1. I am OBSESSED with this! All of this combined would/will make SUCH a cute house! I'm so jealous! I hope it all goes as planned!