Friday, June 3, 2011

What to do and where to go

So mine and Hubs' small move is turning into a big, relocation move. As long as Hubs' background check comes back fine he will be teaching in a new high school next year while coaching baseball and softball. This for us means a total change of plans. We will afterall be moving to the location we've been telling everyone we would be moving too after all, which is something Hubs and I had given up on.

However, Hubs and I have to start the housing process. We are going to go over properties with a real estate agent. If we don't find a house we LOVE (and when I say LOVE I mean cannot live without, must have, and can stay in for 30 years) then we are going to rent and look to buy property that we can one day build on.

I do not settle very well and Hubs and I had found a home that we LOVED but it was already in contract. The real estate agent (who was kind of a witch to me) did say that she would keep my number if the contract feel through but she told me it was "sold".

I would love to build and Hubs and I have found the perfect little housing plans that we LOVE! And if we build I can put all my touches on it like barn doors, french folding doors, and hardwood flooring. I can use wash basin sinks, jute carpet on the stairs, and lots of molding. This also means we can start fresh and create a home all of our own.

But... building right now can be more expensive than buying.

But... my concern is that if we buy now we won't be able to sell later and we'll be in a house that we don't want to be in.

I must admit this whole housing process is confusing, nerve wracking, and overall a pain. Mortgages, rates, insurance, closing costs, which real estate agent to choose, what bank to go with... it is all a little overwhelming for me. Especially since I like to know everything I can before I jump in to any decisions.

We have a large decision to make and hopefully we'll be able to make it soon.



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