Saturday, June 11, 2011

Easy Street on Mud Tires

I love my Best Bestie! She always has the best advice, the most truthful comments, and just an overwhelming understanding and peace. Even without knowing my concerns, fears, or thoughts she always seems to know exactly what to say. She's my own personal angel that God has placed here on earth to keep me grounded.

Everytime I hear "Dirtroad Anthem" by Jason Alden I am taken back to the most simplest time in my life. It was a time where I was dating someone that had great potential to be my everything. He was carefree fun, easy life, no care in the world and he always brought that out in me. I will admit that during this time in my life I was the most easy breezy Belle you would have ever met. Life with him was simple. But in return I would have had a simple life. Farmers wife, a small house, a few kids, used SUV a few years too old, and just enough money to get by and go on vacation once a year to a local but coastal location. It would have been a beer drinking, dirtroad riding, bonfire kind of life. And don't get me wrong, that is a great life. But a great life for someone who isn't me. I am not a simple kind of gal and a simple life would not have made me happy.

I never wanted to be a farmers wife and I always wanted to be someone more than just little ole' me. I've always had big plans and always expected to go somewhere with my life. I loved Mr. Easy, I will admit that, he is one of 3 guys I have ever loved in my life but Mr. Easy and his life was not for me. I didn't want to be 40 with my kids and their friends mixed into the backyard with my friends gathered around a bonfire and having a few beers. And I still don't.

But everytime "Dirtroad Anthem" comes on the radio I am immeditally taken back to that time in my life and with everything going on now I wonder how much differently things would have been if I had taken the simple life.

I told Best Bestie how I felt, in a mix of other feelings, and she reminded me of who I was and where I wanted to be in life. In a nut shell, I was told that as much of a great time being carefree was, being carefree only gets you by in life. People who don't strive in life never make anything other than the basic in life. She reminded me that I am high strung and uptight because I want things in life. And that because of who I am and my desires in life I can never be a carefree Belle. Basically, easy life breeds simple life and big risks breeds big rewards. I'm sure that will only make sense to me.

So next time "Dirtroad Anthem" comes on the radio I will be reminded of a time in my life where I loved and lost and where I lived carefree but I'll also be reminded of the simple life I left behind and the big rewards I have yet to come.



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