Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Room Ideas

Enough about my life dear readers, let's talk about the fun stuff - HOME DECOR!

Since Hubs and I are officially now home owners and we will be moving in the first week of August it's time to start planning for how I want our home to look.

We did buy living room furniture so I won't harp on the living room but guest bedrooms, kitchen, and office are another story. I'm so excited about getting in there and painting and making everything perfect.

For our 2 guestrooms, I want to set up one with 2 Twin Beds and the other room with a full/queen bed. One room is going to be a little more feminine while the other is going to be a little more masculine but both will be fairly gender neutral.

I really enjoy the white and neutral color pallets which will follow through most of the house using whites, greys, greens, and browns. Very coastal colors, mostly with coastal names, all from the Eddie Bauer edition at Lowe's.

I will bring in some color with a great set of pillow shams I bought at TJ Maxx and lots of other items I have/will collect along the way.

Something that is awesome in each guestroom is there is a nook that can have perfect window seats built in. I'm really looking forward to a project like this.

In my office I have a great fireplace (which I'm hoping works) and I have great ideas for my office using a few Inslee sketches. I also have an awesome Turner painting that is HUGE. It is a abstract city scape and I'm going to display it over the fireplace in the office. But I also want to create a display with my hodge podge collection of my items. My office is going to be a great place to really display ME and Hubs too I guess.

Our kitchen has really neat glass doors on a few cabinets. I'm excited about using these cabinets to display our dishes and glasses. Yes, I am that person who has white every day dishes and formal glasses.

And NO!! My cabinets WILL NOT and ARE NOT green. They are just as bad but oak. Which I guess in hindsight oak is better than green. Yes?

Then for the front yard I love this look of lots of green and potted plants and flowers. I do not want anything I have to pick, pluck, water, weed, trim, or cut. I am a minimalist when it comes to growing things. And I do not enjoy yard work. End of story.

And for the backyard, until we get a pool put in, I want a hammock!



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  1. Sounds like you have everything pretty planned out! So excited for yall.