Monday, December 26, 2011

House Paint Colors

With football season over and the holidays almost through, it's time to start focusing on my house again - starting with painting! Call me crazy but I love painting. I think it is the artist coming out. Picking out paint colors is half the fun of painting, there is just something about standing in Lowe's, staring at the Eddie Bauer section of 100's of paint chips that really gets the brain going.

I am in love with Greens, Greys, Browns, and dark Earth-tones.

My living room is modeled after this wintery pallet - Greens and Greys with a hint of Browns and White.

My office is halfway painted. One of the walls is this awesome red-ish color, Rubarb. The other walls will be a good "tumbleweed" color modeled after the remaining colors in the downstairs rooms. I absolutely LOVE Rubarb.

To connect my downstairs and upstairs I am thinking a great brown color pallet. I want to have my entire wall going up the stairs collaged in pictures so I'm planning on a darker color to go up the staircase and the darkest brown will be a great start. It will also go with the other accent walls in the house.

I'm really stuck on my master bedroom and bath. I know I want to use this grey-white Eddie Bauer color called Oyster. It's a perfect shade of white and a great calming color from all of the dark throughout the house. The problem with my master bedroom is that I have a blue/green chair with brown flowers on it that is in my master. I LOVE this chair but the color makes it awkward to match. My second problem is that our master is MASSIVE and I could really use 3 colors to make the room more manageable and broken up. I'm really struggling with this room.

Maybe something like this for my master?

I really love this color pallet for one of my guest bedrooms. I'm still a little torn on the colors I want to use for the guest rooms but I need to make a decision quickly because the first weekend in January we have friends coming to stay.

What are your thoughts? Any color suggestions?



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  1. The glittered blue color pallet would make a gorgeous color for your room, even though I'm clueless what your room looks like. Hehe. Green and blue are my favorite colors, and they're cool and gentle to the eyes. =) That's what is great about them.

    Anselm Armando