Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Start a business when you're young and unafraid of failure

December! Really? How missing have I been?

I'm still waiting on my big dream. And this week it's been laid on my heart much more heavy than the past months.

I had to make some life adjustments to accommodate the new venture that was put on hold but things are moving along, slowly. More slowly than I would like for them too. And while I love where my life is taking me, I'm really chomping at the bit for more. Patience is not a virtue that I have, nor probably will ever posses.

I read an article today about Gen Y and our faults. While most readers who commented on the article seemed offended by the writers opinions I agreed with most, if not all, of them. Gen Y is lazy, wants things handed to them, has no drive to compete, is a not make any one angry generation.

One thing that stuck out to me most was that Gen Y talks about being an entrepreneur but only if they are guaranteed a safety net. Screw the safety net! I'm sick and tire of being safe! I want to be risky, and daring, and bold, and brave. I want to be stupid and step out on the water and hope I walk but know that if I sink, that is ok also.

"Start a business when you're young and unafraid of failure." Barbara Corcoran
This is one smart, successful woman and she is absolutely right. While I'm young and having nothing to loose I'm going to follow my big dream. I'm going to continue to follow my big dream and I'm going to make it happen within the year.

Watch my go world!



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