Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Beach Bound Belle

Next weekend Hubs, Grace-Dog, and I are going to visit old college friends of ours at their wonderful little house right off of the coast of Saint Simons Island. This is be our first vacation as a little family, even if it is just a weekend trip to the beach and staying in the guestroom of my old college roomie and her Hubby. Since this is our first trip, I couldn't help but daydreaming in between phone calls at work today about all the things we would need to be beach bound.

So naturally after work today I went on a small shopping spree, since Hubs was out with the guys, to stock up on goodies for our mini-vaca! I must admit that TJ Maxx is my favorite shopping hole and I always seem to find the best stuff. Be jealous ladies! After just a small fee of $50 I came out with great beach items. For myself I found a pink and green Beach Mat by Tommy Hilfiger and a white cotton dress from American Eagle. For Hubs, he now owns a brand new Ralph Lauren Palm Tree beach towel. And for Grace-Dog she got a new ball to take to the beach with her that won't collect sand like her Tennis Balls or soft toys, and that we won't be attached too is we lose it.

After TJ Maxx, I went to Belks because I wanted a BIG floppy hat and TJ Maxx just didn't have it. After stalking all of the hats waiting on an 18 year old girl with her beau of the week to leave the hats and put the one I really wanted down I was able to snatch up the BIGGEST floppy hat that I could find and that looked amazing with my already owned Coach Sunglasses, and for only $26. Thank you Ms. Nan Newton and your wedding giftcard for purchasing my beloved hat.

And as every Southern Belle knows, Victoria's Secret only has the best bathing suits. Luckly for me, I bought one in January during the off season and stored it for a time just like this weekend. I don't like wearing my beach bathing suits to the pool or in the hot tub because of all of the wear and tear that can come.

All of my new beach ready items paired with some oldies but goodies, like my Monogrammed beach bag and personalized drinking cooler and koozie, I feel like Hubs and I are ready to hit the beach in style with our Pup by our side.



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