Wednesday, November 17, 2010

At what point...

At what point, as an adult, do you stand up and say I am going to start doing what is best for me and my future?

Being a child, teenager, and college student were much more easier. I was able to make decisions, good and bad that affected me but I was also able to say "Sorry" and to use the excuse of "I'm a college kid" and get away with pretty much all mistakes. Now as an adult, I am left to make decisions that will effect the rest of my life with no one or thing to blame but myself. My actions are my own and my decisions are to be carried with me.

I am at a life changing time in my life. Hubs and I are trying to decide between buying a home, building a home, and renting a home. We are trying to decide where to establish our little family and when to begin to grow our family. It is hard to know if you are making the right decisions life, one wrong move could destroy our families future for years.

We only what the best things in life for our future. We want a nice home, stable careers and incomes, the ability to save and spend, the future for our children to attend college, the means for our children to be able to have opportunities in life, and of course happiness, love, and health.

We don't ask for much in life, just the overall American dream. Which I feel like people have forgotten.

I am worried for our future. But at what point do you let fear go and just dive in? At what point do you take that financial risk of buying or building a home? At what point do you leave your job for a career? At what point do you find yourself taking those risks to potentially better your future?

Someone told me once, "Just follow your gut and pick one". My only thought on that is, "A decision feels right when it is right". So I guess you just let go when it feels like the right thing to do.



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